Generate Sales Leads From Existing Traffic

Increase your sales leads by capturing cell numbers of visitors to your virtual tours or web site. How many people visit your site that you cannot contact? Do ALL of your visitors fill out a contact form?They don’t. It’s cumbersome. Now they don’t have to, all they have to do is scan the QR Code we provide you!


Know WHO sees your web based marketing.

Virtual Tours are a great tool to increase exposure, but until now, you couldn’t follow up with visitors unless they filled in a contact form. We help make it easier for you to follow up with EVERY visitor. How much traffic to your site and virtual tours leave contact information? We help you capture EVERY visitor’s cell number.


Capture Leads From Virtual Tour Visitors

QR Codes are a great way to easily send a potential buyer to marketing material (web site, virtual tour, etc.), but it is a one sided approach. The leads visits the site and then must choose to fill out contact information. Our technology captures the lead’s cell phone number before they even visit the site through SMS marketing techniques.


More leads = More sales

Increase the effectiveness of your existing marketing campaigns. You don’t have to spend more to get leads, you just have to get more leads from the marketing you are already doing by capturing cell phone numbers from your virtual tour traffic.


Easy to use CRM

Easily contact visitors through our state of the art CRM.


No contracts

No obligation hassle free cancellation policy.


Sign up now!

Get started generating more leads now.


The public beta period is now open. If you are interested in participating in the beta test of please contact us at Space is limited. Only 10 spots remain.

This will ensure that the launch of is as smooth as possible. You also get a FREE sneak peek at what this powerful real estate lead capture platform can do for your business.


To get more workable leads, you don’t have to do anything different than you already do except utilize the Text List platform. Instead of displaying web links or QR Codes that go to websites, use Qr Codes or SMS opt in Text Lists to capture the cell phone number of the web visitor to turn ALL traffic into qualified leads.

This ensures that no potential sales are left on the table.You gain access to more people – people you are already paying for to visit your marketing material –  to do what you do best: sell real estate!


Did you know that you can use a QR code to send a text? Instead of sending people to a website – which is a one way ticket to obscurity - send them the link via text message. Doing so ensures you have a way to follow up with the potential customer. Not only is it a way to connect with leads, it’s the best way according to recent studies on SMS usage.

All reports show open rates over 95%. When compared to email and social networks, SMS is the medium with the highest potential for engaging with potential buyers.


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"You're telling me I can follow up with EVERY visitor to my site? Where do I sign up?"

 - Mark, South Jordan, UT

"Very easy to use. Incredibly invaluable. So simple, I cant believe noone has done this yet."

 - Amiee, Murray, UT

"$0.20 per lead? I'll pay that all day long!"

 - Thomas, Sacramento, CA

"So many leads, so little time."

 -Mike, Nashville, TN

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